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Anthony Amore

Anthony Amore has detained Nazi war criminals at Logan Airport, investigated the biggest unsolved art theft in history and stood face to face with an al-Qaida terrorist.

Now, Amore is running for Massachusetts Secretary of the Commonwealth.

Amore said his unique background as a security expert gives him a perspective that could be helpful in a role that includes overseeing Massachusetts' elections, regulating the securities industry, managing the state archives and arbitrating disputes over the public records law. "Whether in the airport, museum or as secretary of state, in all three what's imperative is balancing security and public access," Amore said in an interview. "You can't make any of those three so secure the public can't utilize them."

Amore, a Republican, is challenging long-time incumbent Secretary Bill Galvin, a Democrat, in the Nov. 6 election. Amore said he jumped into the race because he believes Galvin may be vulnerable, and he hopes to make a difference in areas including making it easier to access public records and improving election security.

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