Matthew Lysiak


'Home Before Dark' producer Sharlene Martin will shepherd the project based on an upcoming book by journalist Matthew Lysiak.

One of the twistiest true-crime stories of recent years will be developed as a scripted drama series at Lionsgate TV. The studio has optioned rights to a book proposal by journalist and author Matthew Lysiak about a the Murdaugh family South Carolina. 

Bryan Johnson


Feliks Banel on the 1935 kidnapping of George Weyerhaeuser, and a new book about the events by local author Bryan Johnston.

Sera Rivers


Agent Spotlight: Sera Rivers Interview and Query Critique Giveaway. Today I’m thrilled to have agent Sera Rivers here. She is a senior literary manager at Martin Literary Management. 

Sera is generously offering a query critique to one lucky winner. To enter, all you need to do is be a follower (via the follower gadget, email, or bloglovin’ on the right sidebar) and leave a comment through August 28th. If your e-mail is not on your Google Profile, you must leave it in the comments to enter the contest. If you do not want to enter the contest, that's okay. Just let me know in the comments.



She was stolen at birth and hustled out of the backdoor of a clinic in a small town in Ohio to people waiting in cars.

It’s the true crime story of the babies delivered by Dr. Thomas Hicks in the 1950s and 60s.

There are more than 200 of Hicks’ babies. Three of them joined Banfield, along with a family to reveal what the doctor’s motives really were.

Shanna Hogan


Lifetime's "Secrets of a Marine’s Wife" Is a Compassionate, Cautionary Tale

Lust, betrayal and a senseless murder form the backdrop to the new Lifetime movie Secrets of a Marine's Wife, the latest entry in the network's Summer of Secrets programming event.

Home Before Dark


The secret show Home Before Dark recounts the tale of Hilde Lisko, a nine-year-old correspondent who moves from the huge city to her dad’s little old neighborhood of Erie Harbor. The Apple TV+ arrangement is motivated by the genuine Hilde Lysiak, who established her own special news distribution, Orange Street News when she was only seven years of age.


Albeit the instance of the missing kid — and her dad’s beloved companion — in season 1 was anecdotal, the genuine Lysiak has given an account of some hard-hitting cases, remembering a homicide for her own area.

Tina Cho


24 beautiful kids' books that reflect the Asian American experience
Bestselling authors suggest the perfect books for children of all ages.

LaRocca loves this beautiful picture book about "a young Korean girl who is afraid of the ocean even though she wants to be like her grandmother, a haenyeo who collects fish and mollusks from the sea, as these female divers have done for centuries. The grandmother-granddaughter relationship is heartwarming, and the illustrations are breathtaking."

Jim Davidson


On April 25, 2015, Jim Davidson sent his wife, Gloria, a triumphant text message from Mount Everest: “Safe at Camp 1. Feel real good.” 

Davidson had just successfully traversed the Khumbu Icefall, one of the notorious climb’s most treacherous sections, and slid into his sleeping bag for a rest.


But hours later he and his fellow climbers awoke to a rumbling that grew louder and more intense. They were in the middle of what would turn out to be a magnitude 7.8 earthquake and surrounded by avalanches. 

Jim Davidson


The book, published by St. Martin's Press and set to be released April 20, recounts his experiences surviving the deadly 2015 earthquake and his return in 2017 to successfully summit 29,032-foot Mount Everest.

'Lucky to be alive': Davidson has escaped death more than once

Secrets Of A Marine’s Wife


Secrets of a Marine’s Wife is based on the true story of 19-year-old Erin Corwin (Sadie Calvano), who was married to U.S. Marine Corporal Jon Corwin (Evan Roderick) and expecting her first child, when she suddenly went missing.

Secrets of a Marine’s Wife is produced by Front Street Pictures for Lifetime, with Sony Pictures Television distributing. Judith Verno/Peace Out Productions and Sharlene Martin/Martin Literary & Media Management serve as executive producers. Manu Boyer directs from a script written by Richard Blaney and Gregory Small.

Anthony Flacco


Love is a funny thing. We fall in love with all kinds of things. People. Stories. Hobbies. Our jobs. Our pets. The most peculiar thing about love is that it can happen at any moment to anyone. Anthony Flacco met his first and longest love when he was 10 years old, when he got his first taste of acting in a community play.

The costumes, the sets, the people, the make-believe atmosphere – young Anthony was enchanted. From that moment onwards, the greatest thing Anthony thought he could do with his life was be a writer.

Anthony Amore


A new book sheds light on one of history's most memorable art heists — and the woman behind it.

"The Woman Who Stole Vermeer" explores the life of Rose Dugdale — an aristocrat-turned-revolutionary. She became the first and only woman to pull off a major art heist.

Jim Davidson


In an upcoming book, “The Next Everest” (St. Martin’s), Jim Davidson, an American mountaineer and an author, in some ways follows in the literary trail blazed by Krakauer. He includes now familiar descriptions of a cosmopolitan tribe of experienced and amateur climbers who gather outside tents and in shared kitchens, equipped with G.P.S. devices, satellite phones, and other accoutrements of their trade.

Leah Henderson


When you think Memorial Day, images of parades and cookouts are likely the first thing to come to mind. Even those that use the day to honor the military for their service and believe they know what the day means will be inspired by the story of a community of newly freed enslaved men, women, and children and loyalists in Charleston, S.C., who came together in 1865 to remember and honor the lives of fallen soldiers after the civil war, an event considered to be one of the first celebrations of what is now called Memorial Day.






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STOLEN SCIENCE by Ella Schwartz


TAKEN AT BIRTH by Jane Blasio


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Home Before Dark — Season 2


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Hilde Kate Lysiak


Hilde Kate Lysiak


Hilde Kate Lysiak