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"Jen is that rare person imbued with a curious mind, a kind heart, and an excitable spirit who also has a keen eye for not only what books will sell, but also, the kind of books that may move the needle culturally. Her patience, attention to detail, and communication throughout my first nonfiction book proposal and the submission process that followed was essential in keeping me informed at every step and my nerves calm as I took the giddy and anxiety-riddled first-time author journey. I quite literally couldn't have landed the deal without Jen's passion for my book, her expertise, and her helpful guidance."

-Jeff Bogle
Street Cats and Where To Find Them
Running Press, Summer 2025

"I feel blessed to have such a kind, caring, supportive, enthusiastic, and encouraging agent as Jen Newens. Jen makes me feel comfortable and at ease every time we talk. She happily and patiently answers all of my many questions and with her literary background, you can tell she knows her stuff. I was thrilled with how quickly and smoothly Jen sold my debut picture book, and when she told me the good news, I could tell how delighted she was for me. Thank you, Jen, for helping make my dream come true!"

-Daniele Arndt
Pig and Skunk: Battle of the Stink
Disney-Hyperion (spring 2027)


"In what can often be such a vulnerable journey, my agent, Kristen Terrette, has been a constant source of stability, kindness, and wisdom in my writing career. She brings a personable, approachable touch to all she does. With utmost patience and professionalism, Kristen has guided me every step of the way (and answered my endless stream of questions). I have always felt she has my best interest at heart, and without her, my books would not have found a home."

-Allie Millington

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"Sharlene -You were in my thoughts, so I wanted to let you know. Thank you for all you have done for me and for so many. I'm not sure if someone in your position gets as much thanks and appreciation as merited, so do know there are so many of us out in the world sitting behind our computers thankful you believed in us."

-Elizabeth Fournier, The Green Burial Guidebook


"Do you want to make it as a children’s book author? Get representation from a savvy, honest agent that you can laugh with. For me, that’s Delia Berrigan. Delia has a clear vision of how my manuscripts fit within the industry. She negotiates expertly and is relentless and patient in dealing with publishers. Her legal background and contracts expertise have already prevented me from signing a less-than-favorable contract. The best thing about Delia, however, is that she is so easy to talk to—I can ask her anything and expect a straight-forward answer. Plus, we laugh!"

-Gabriella Aldeman, Children’s Book Author
PAULA'S PATCHES, Free Spirit Publishing
A SQUAWK OF SPANISH, Charlesbridge


"It’s not enough in this industry to have a good literary agent. A writer needs a literary agent who is also passionate, knowledgeable, and persistent.  My literary agent, Delia Berrigan, has all these qualities. She is creative and resourceful, and she knows how to get the best deal possible for her clients. The best part about Delia? I can easily talk to her, and I know she cares deeply for my projects.  I also appreciate her legal background, and I know that my contract negotiations are in the very best hands."

-Emilie Le Beau Lucchesi

co-author of A Light in the Dark: Surviving Ted Bundy and More. 

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"It only takes one”—one agent to believe in you, one publisher to share your vision and partner with you. I have been so fortunate that the “one” for me is Delia Berrigan, as my literary manager. Her industry expertise and connections opened the right doors for me and my mystery series—to Woodhall Press for print and Dreamscape for audio. And I’m thrilled to be represented by Martin Literary & Media Management, with its expertise and broad network. I’ve found my home."

-Tricia Crisafulli

The Secrets of Ohnita Harbor, May 2022, Woodhall Press


"I am absolutely in awe with Lindsay Guzzardo's passion and skill as a literary agent. From the very first phone call, I could sense her enthusiasm for my manuscript and her desire to get it in the best hands possible. And much sooner than I ever anticipated, she delivered! A wonderful agent that will root for the writer through the entire process. Thank you Lindsay and Martin Literary for taking a chance on this little debut author!"

-M.B. Henry

The Wartime Girls, Alcove Press


"As a first-time author, I didn't know what to expect from an agent. I hit the jackpot. Delia Berrigan is pure joy – a knowledgeable pro who has made the process feel easy. She swooped in and promptly had a vision for my book that I hadn’t seen. She offered insightful editorial feedback and continues to be responsive and patient with my questions. In moments of artistic doubt, I can count on Delia for encouragement swaddled in realistic expectations. She’s an instinctive negotiator and someone you want on your team."

-Jim Cosgrove


Soles of a Survivor -PNG Book cover.png

“With me being a new author, I appreciate having Sharlene as my literary manager  because she’s treated me as if I’m her only client even though she has many others. Sharlene is responsive and follows through with her promises.  For example, when she agreed to represent me, she told me about her timelines to review and edit my proposal, and her “plan of attack” for queries/submissions.  Sharlene followed through and gave me regular updates about which publishers she submitted the proposal to.  Even after we had a publisher, Sharlene continued to share her wisdom on how I could have a successful book launch.  Her knowledge and experience of the literary industry is valuable and I am grateful to have her as my champion throughout the publication process.”


- Nhi Aronheim, Author of SOLES of a SURVIVOR (Skyhorse Publishing, May 2021)

Deep in the Woods_cover_v4 (002).png

“Sharlene provided me with something of immense value: honest and helpful feedback. After reading my manuscript she told me point blank that the writing wasn’t up to publishers’ standards. She then provided excellent suggestions on how to improve it. And it paid off. Taking her notes to heart I did a rewrite which she was then able to sell. Without her help my book most likely wouldn’t have found a willing publisher. Sharlene knows what sells.”


- Bryan Johnston, Deep in the Woods: The 1935 Kidnapping of Nine-Year-Old George Weyerhaeuser, Heir to America’s Mightiest Timber Dynasty Paperback

– September 14, 2021, Post Hill Press


"Sharlene has been my agent for a decade, and I don't think she's stopped working hard on my career for a minute in all that time. Despite a full complement of authors under her wing, she has always given me the impression that I'm her most important client. I'll be forever grateful to her for believing in my first book, and in me beyond that. Her guidance is first-rate and personal--that's why I call her my Sensei!"

-Anthony Amore

The Woman Who Stole Vermeer, Pegasus Books Ltd, November, 2020

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"My experience with Sharlene Martin and her firm has been outstanding. Sharlene is an experienced agent with extensive contacts. Her expert guidance improved the content, look, and positioning of my proposal before we sent it out. Then when she took it to the market, she moved decisively and kept me well informed. With skill and savvy, Sharlene guided me through negotiations with several houses. We landed my memoir with the Editor-In-Chief, at the right Big Five publisher, for a solid fiscal deal. I couldn’t be happier with Sharlene and Martin Literary Management!"

-Jim Davidson – Speaker & New York Times bestselling author

The Next Everest (St. Martin’s Press, 2021)

COVER-IMG_1822 (002).jpg

"There is nothing more pivotal to an author's career than an effective agent, who works as a genuine partner and advocate. From the start, our proposal and dreams were in expert hands with Sharlene Martin and her savvy team.  Sharlene only accepts projects that she is genuinely passionate about, and takes great care to fully develop, polish an air tight proposal, before finding the perfect publisher/editor from her robust list of contacts. Her advice is always thoughtfully offered and right on point, while always respecting the integrity of the writing. Working with Sharlene is a wonderful and enriching experience.  In one word, she is magic."

-Katherine Holstein and Shaker Jeffery

Shadow on the Mountain, Hachette, March 2020

"I was thrilled when Sharlene Martin first took me on as a client. After seeing how well she represented my former New York Daily News colleague Matthew Lysiak with his book Newtown: An American Tragedy, I knew I only wanted to work with her. Since I signed on with MLM she has guided me through each phase of the publishing process, which has led us to my first book deal. Sharlene's extensive knowledge of this complicated and competitive market as well as her thick rolodex of contacts in the world of publishing and in the realm of television and film is beyond impressive. She is straight shooter who is warm and sincere, a rare combination of traits that makes her the perfect advocate for any author. I feel fortunate to know Sharlene and have her on my side. There simply is no one better."

-Chelsia Rose Marcius, Reporter, New York Daily News
Author of Wild Escape, Feb. 2018

"My book will be out on shelves April 4, 2017 because Sharlene Martin believed in my story. From the beginning, I quickly realized that I was not only getting a literary agent, but a personal advocate as well. Sharlene is someone you want to have in your corner. She has one of the most brilliant minds of anyone I have ever come across, and knows how to get things done! There is never a task too big for her to handle and she has always made me feel like her top priority, no matter how busy her day is. Sharlene is simply extraordinary. What she has done for me has truly been life changing, and having her on my team is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Words fall short of how incredible this lady really is."


- Rebekah Gregory, author of Taking My Life Back (Revell)

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"Sharlene is a great agent. She works hard and is smart. She is a lot of fun too. While I was at swim camp Sharlene got me a six book deal with Scholastic! I feel lucky to have Sharlene Martin as my agent."


- Hilde Kate Lysiak, Hilde Cracks the Case, Scholastic Books Branches Series, 2017

"When we got the green light to produce a series of specials based on books about murders for Discovery ID, Sharlene was our first call. She is a literary manager who thinks like a television producer. She instinctively knows what will work on television. She is smart, experienced and everything you could want in a production partner. The time and attention she gave these specials is remarkable in light of how busy she is. Sharlene is a starmaker and, a star!"


- Nancy Glass, CEO/Executive Producer

"The Martin Literary staff was invaluable in my journey to publish a book.  From meeting with top book houses to explaining the entire process, Martin Literary was there every step of the way to make sure things ran flawlessly.  By far the best possible literary agents out there!"


- Jack Andraka, Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator is Changing the World

"Choosing to go with MLM has been one of the best decisions of my life. Literally. Yes, Sharlene and Clelia are brilliant, know all the right people, and are tenacious, but what really sets them apart are the personal relationships they form with their clients. In making the transition from newspapers to books, Sharlene and Clelia have taken the time to carefully walk me through every step of the process. Whether it is by answering emails, picking up the phone for late night conversations, or sending flowers at the birth of my child, MLM has always been there for me.I can’t testify enough on behalf of MLM. If you have the opportunity to work with Sharlene and Clelia, take it!"


- Matthew Lysiak, author of Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator is Changing the World, and Newtown: An American Tragedy

"Sharlene helped me make my dream of writing a book become a reality. I had never written a book and didn't know where to start but Sharlene guided me through the whole process. Sharlene helped me find a co-writer, a publisher, and helped to promote my book. Sharlene was quick to answer any questions or concerns I had. I could not ask for a better agent." 


- Shyima Hall, author Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Child Slave

"When we contacted Sharlene at the beginning of this very exciting journey, we had no idea the level of commitment and creativity she would bring to this project. Her knowledge of the literary business and her ability to sense the direction in which we should go, took all the stress and doubt away from us as we pursued this life changing opportunity.

Not only did Sharlene sell our story in record breaking time, but as she was doing so, she did not treat us as just one of her many clients- she prioritized us and made us feel so comfortable and at ease- every conversation, all our collaboration on the proposal, was such a pleasant experience. She gave us such undivided and personalized attention- making sure we were well informed, and empowered us to make the decisions that were best for us. We will always be so grateful to her for her endless optimism, constant encouragement and tireless work to help us reach our goal."

- Jessica Buchanan & Erik Landemalm, authors of Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of             Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by Seal Team Six

"Sharlene has been a beacon of light for me from the first day I reached out to her. She believed in me when no one else did. She is always there to answer my questions and guiding me thru every step with full certainty. Sharlene has amazing judgment and wisdom. She is very respected by her peers and is preceded by her amazing reputation for always being honest and delivering quality work." 


- Lyssa Chapman, author of Walking on Eggshells

"Sharlene Martin is a wonderful literary agent. When my story was first released, reporters and everyone else who wanted a piece of my story immediately bombarded me. Being 17 at the time, I had no clue what I would have done not having her by my side. She took immediate charge and did not let anyone take advantage of me. Sharlene knows the publishing industry and works extremely hard for her clients."


- Gaby Rodriguez, author of The Pregnancy Project

"Sharlene did a wonderful job for me. She did the best job anyone could and figured out how to give me the chance to rebuild my life again with a positive outlook. Even though publishing is a business, this opportunity includes something more-- something much more valuable-- a second chance. "


- Raffaele Sollecito, author of Honor Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox


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