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"Working with Clelia, has never been about “just one book.” From the beginning, she’s helped me think about the longer road for my work, and for myself. I’ve always appreciated her candor, and thoughtfulness. Her sharp editorial eye, her prompt responses, and her business savvy have been invaluable traits when getting projects submission ready. I’m a more confident writer knowing I have someone in my corner who believes in my words, and in me, and who is committed to finding us the best possible home. It’s a true collaboration, and I’m so thankful for that!"

-Leah Henderson

The Magic in Changing Your Stars, Sterling Children's Books (August 25, 2020)

"Sharlene has been my agent for a decade, and I don't think she's stopped working hard on my career for a minute in all that time. Despite a full complement of authors under her wing, she has always given me the impression that I'm her most important client. I'll be forever grateful to her for believing in my first book, and in me beyond that. Her guidance is first-rate and personal--that's why I call her my Sensei!"

-Anthony Amore

The Woman Who Stole Vermeer, Pegasus Books Ltd, November, 2020

"My experience with Sharlene Martin and her firm has been outstanding. Sharlene is an experienced agent with extensive contacts. Her expert guidance improved the content, look, and positioning of my proposal before we sent it out. Then when she took it to the market, she moved decisively and kept me well informed. With skill and savvy, Sharlene guided me through negotiations with several houses. We landed my memoir with the Editor-In-Chief, at the right Big Five publisher, for a solid fiscal deal. I couldn’t be happier with Sharlene and Martin Literary Management!"

-Jim Davidson – Speaker & New York Times bestselling author

The Next Everest (St. Martin’s Press, 2021)

"There is nothing more pivotal to an author's career than an effective agent, who works as a genuine partner and advocate. From the start, our proposal and dreams were in expert hands with Sharlene Martin and her savvy team.  Sharlene only accepts projects that she is genuinely passionate about, and takes great care to fully develop, polish an air tight proposal, before finding the perfect publisher/editor from her robust list of contacts. Her advice is always thoughtfully offered and right on point, while always respecting the integrity of the writing. Working with Sharlene is a wonderful and enriching experience.  In one word, she is magic."

-Katherine Holstein and Shaker Jeffery

Shadow on the Mountain, Hachette, March 2020

"Clelia Gore made our book a reality. From its inception to the day it hit the New York Times Bestseller List, Clelia shepherded our story with grace, strategy and expertise. Our story is deeply personal and so we needed partners who would understand and embrace the emotions involved. Because Clelia understood this from the beginning, she found us the perfect publisher in Candlewick Press and led us to a great contract and a product that we are extremely proud of. As new authors, we had no idea what we were doing, but Clelia was incredibly patient and knowledgeable as she taught us the business. Her combination of legal and literary skills make her uniquely positioned to advocate and advance your mission as an author. She is a world class ambassador and a world class person."

-Jessica Kensky and Patrick Downes, co-authors of the New York Times bestselling picture       book, Rescue and Jessica: A Life-Changing Friendship (Candlewick) 

"When I found out I was being laid off from People magazine in June 2017 I was devastated. I didn’t so much mourn the job as I did wonder how in the world I would make a living going forward.  My dream had always been to write books but I’d never had the time with the demands of my job. Something in me told me I should reach out to Sharlene. I’d been following her work for years and I was just so impressed with her eye for talent and her instincts for compelling projects. It was the best move I have ever made.  “You’re failing upward,” she cheerfully told me when we spoke. She gave me hope for a new, brighter future, signing me to pursue projects with her but not before making sure I spoke with some of her writers so I knew I was making the right move. Sharlene represents her clients for movie and TV deals as well as books, which makes her unique. Most agents do one or the other. She is a tireless and fearless advocate for her clients, as persistent and relentless as the best investigative journalists out there. In short, she is a writer’s dream of an agent. And she helped me achieve my dream of writing a book one day. They say "When one door closes, another one opens." Well I say it helps when you have an amazing agent like Sharlene to help you KICK it open."

-Nicole Weisensee Egan

Author of Chasing Cosby (Seal Press/Hachette, April 2019)

"I was thrilled when Sharlene Martin first took me on as a client. After seeing how well she represented my former New York Daily News colleague Matthew Lysiak with his book Newtown: An American Tragedy, I knew I only wanted to work with her. Since I signed on with MLM she has guided me through each phase of the publishing process, which has led us to my first book deal. Sharlene's extensive knowledge of this complicated and competitive market as well as her thick rolodex of contacts in the world of publishing and in the realm of television and film is beyond impressive. She is straight shooter who is warm and sincere, a rare combination of traits that makes her the perfect advocate for any author. I feel fortunate to know Sharlene and have her on my side. There simply is no one better."

-Chelsia Rose Marcius, Reporter, New York Daily News
Author of Wild Escape, Feb. 2018

"My book will be out on shelves April 4, 2017 because Sharlene Martin believed in my story. From the beginning, I quickly realized that I was not only getting a literary agent, but a personal advocate as well. Sharlene is someone you want to have in your corner. She has one of the most brilliant minds of anyone I have ever come across, and knows how to get things done! There is never a task too big for her to handle and she has always made me feel like her top priority, no matter how busy her day is. Sharlene is simply extraordinary. What she has done for me has truly been life changing, and having her on my team is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Words fall short of how incredible this lady really is."


- Rebekah Gregory, author of Taking My Life Back (Revell)

"Sharlene is a great agent. She works hard and is smart. She is a lot of fun too. While I was at swim camp Sharlene got me a six book deal with Scholastic! I feel lucky to have Sharlene Martin as my agent."


- Hilde Kate Lysiak, Hilde Cracks the Case, Scholastic Books Branches Series, 2017

"I'm pretty sure I won the agent lottery with Clelia Gore. When I signed on with Clelia we immediately got to work on polishing my book. I already knew Clelia had the pulse on the kidlit market, but what surprised me was her amazing editorial eye. Clelia helped strengthen my book through several rounds of revisions. When the book was ready, Clelia helped navigate me through the submission process. As a debut author, I had no idea what to expect, but Clelia expertly guided me through the process and was an amazing champion of my work. I’m grateful to have Clelia Gore in my corner."


- Ella Schwartz, author of the Is It Okay? series (Bloomsbury)

 “As a writer whose manuscript showcased an unusual slice of life, Adria Goetz was a continuous source of support and reassurance throughout the agenting process. She replied quickly, was authentic in her evaluations, and calmed my second-guessing. One of her greatest strengths as a literary agent is her perfect mixture of clever, tempered with humility. I am indebted to Adria for her passion, tenacity, and strong ethics.” 

- Elizabeth Fournier, Author of The Green Burial Guidebook, 2018 (New World Library)

"Most people wouldn't take a 15 year old's dream to write a book seriously. But Clelia Gore is unlike most people. Clelia gave me the courage and support to organize my ideas, put them on paper and land a publisher. Never underestimate the patience and passion it takes to nurture a teenage first time author! Clelia made my dream come true and I am beyond grateful."


- Lulu Cerone, author of PhilanthroParties: A Party Planning Guide for the Social Activist

"When we got the green light to produce a series of specials based on books about murders for Discovery ID, Sharlene was our first call. She is a literary manager who thinks like a television producer. She instinctively knows what will work on television. She is smart, experienced and everything you could want in a production partner. The time and attention she gave these specials is remarkable in light of how busy she is. Sharlene is a starmaker and, a star!"


- Nancy Glass, CEO/Executive Producer

"The Martin Literary staff was invaluable in my journey to publish a book.  From meeting with top book houses to explaining the entire process, Martin Literary was there every step of the way to make sure things ran flawlessly.  By far the best possible literary agents out there!"


- Jack Andraka, Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator is Changing the World

“Sharlene is the kind of agent every writer dreams of having on their team. Writers need agents who not only understand and care about their books, but are willing to champion them. Not only did Sharlene believe in my book from the get-go, she was passionate about finding my book a publishing home. And in the end, Sharlene didn’t just land me a deal, she landed me a great deal.” 


-Elizabeth Rynecki, author of Chasing Portraits


"Choosing to go with MLM has been one of the best decisions of my life. Literally. Yes, Sharlene and Clelia are brilliant, know all the right people, and are tenacious, but what really sets them apart are the personal relationships they form with their clients. In making the transition from newspapers to books, Sharlene and Clelia have taken the time to carefully walk me through every step of the process. Whether it is by answering emails, picking up the phone for late night conversations, or sending flowers at the birth of my child, MLM has always been there for me.I can’t testify enough on behalf of MLM. If you have the opportunity to work with Sharlene and Clelia, take it!"


- Matthew Lysiak, author of Breakthrough: How One Teen Innovator is Changing the World, and Newtown: An American Tragedy

"Sharlene helped me make my dream of writing a book become a reality. I had never written a book and didn't know where to start but Sharlene guided me through the whole process. Sharlene helped me find a co-writer, a publisher, and helped to promote my book. Sharlene was quick to answer any questions or concerns I had. I could not ask for a better agent." 


- Shyima Hall, author Hidden Girl: The True Story of a Modern-Day Child Slave

"When we contacted Sharlene at the beginning of this very exciting journey, we had no idea the level of commitment and creativity she would bring to this project. Her knowledge of the literary business and her ability to sense the direction in which we should go, took all the stress and doubt away from us as we pursued this life changing opportunity.

Not only did Sharlene sell our story in record breaking time, but as she was doing so, she did not treat us as just one of her many clients- she prioritized us and made us feel so comfortable and at ease- every conversation, all our collaboration on the proposal, was such a pleasant experience. She gave us such undivided and personalized attention- making sure we were well informed, and empowered us to make the decisions that were best for us. We will always be so grateful to her for her endless optimism, constant encouragement and tireless work to help us reach our goal."

- Jessica Buchanan & Erik Landemalm, authors of Impossible Odds: The Kidnapping of             Jessica Buchanan and Her Dramatic Rescue by Seal Team Six

“From our first conversation on the phone, I could tell that Adria Goetz was a true industry professional. Her communication style is clear and concise, and her critique is honest and kind. I feel very fortunate to have an agent who represents both the Christian and general market since I write for both. Adria negotiated a 7-house auction for my debut picture book, TASTE YOUR WORDS, and we are actively working on other projects. I trust her expertise in this ever-changing industry, her advice has been invaluable in navigating potential publishers and contracts. She keeps me up-to-date as things progress and is quick to respond to any questions I have along the way. Her passion for the industry and concern for her clients make Adria a highly sought after “dream agent”. Luckily for me, my dream came true and I found a champion for my work. I look forward to a successful writing career with Adria in my corner.” 

-Bonnie Clark

Author of Taste Your Words (Worthy Kids, 2020)

"Sharlene Martin’s guidance through the many drafts of my proposal was so appreciated. Even though there were some rejections, which is to be expected, her supportive emails and phone calls were so comforting--especially her famous words, "It only takes one!" She found the perfect "one" publisher for my book and never gave up hope, even when I was about to." 


- Linda Daly, author of The Last Pilgrimage: A Mother/Daughter Quest for a Miracle

"Sharlene has been a beacon of light for me from the first day I reached out to her. She believed in me when no one else did. She is always there to answer my questions and guiding me thru every step with full certainty. Sharlene has amazing judgment and wisdom. She is very respected by her peers and is preceded by her amazing reputation for always being honest and delivering quality work." 


- Lyssa Chapman, author of Walking on Eggshells

"As an author/illustrator, my skills lie in the writing and illustrating of a book, though that is only a small part of what it takes to get published in this day and age. Negotiating the ever-changing waves of the publishing world, checking and double checking contracts, chasing down checks and mediating communication - just thinking of all that gives me a headache! Enter Clelia Gore. Not only does she do all the aforementioned, but she does it like a boss! Clelia goes above and beyond to make sure that the end product is of the highest quality, and remains a joy to work with throughout the entire process. The publishing world is a better place because of the books Clelia puts out there, and I'm honored to be a part of her team. Keep an eye on this one, because something tells me she's just getting started!"


- Brittany R. Jacobs, author/illustrator of The Kraken's Rules for Making Friends

"Sharlene Martin is a wonderful literary agent. When my story was first released, reporters and everyone else who wanted a piece of my story immediately bombarded me. Being 17 at the time, I had no clue what I would have done not having her by my side. She took immediate charge and did not let anyone take advantage of me. Sharlene knows the publishing industry and works extremely hard for her clients."


- Gaby Rodriguez, author of The Pregnancy Project

"I decided to go with Clelia because she expressed a real enthusiasm and respect for my project. When the book finally sold, I was of course excited, but also overwhelmed, as it was my first time working with a big publisher. It was indispensable to have someone like Clelia on my side, and it still is. She always gets back to my emails within a day. She always answers my questions honestly. And she always has a great attitude. I feel like we're in it together, and I'm excited to work with her on more projects."


- Brian Russo, author and illustrator of Yoga Bunny

"Sharlene did a wonderful job for me. She did the best job anyone could and figured out how to give me the chance to rebuild my life again with a positive outlook. Even though publishing is a business, this opportunity includes something more-- something much more valuable-- a second chance. "


- Raffaele Sollecito, author of Honor Bound: My Journey to Hell and Back with Amanda Knox


“As a new author, I wasn't sure what to expect from the agent-client relationship, but I needn't have worried. Adria is positive and professional. She has responded quickly and thoroughly to any questions I’ve had, kept me informed of developments with submissions, and given honest and helpful insights on manuscripts and contracts.  She has been wonderful to work with, and I’m so grateful to have her guiding me through the publication process. Without her dedication and industry connections, I wouldn’t be looking forward to my first book coming out in 2019!"


- Natalee Creech, Author of When Day is Done, 2019 (Beaming Books) 

“If I had to make a list of the best phone calls I’ve ever received, my first phone call from Adria (an offer of representation!) would definitely be at the top of the list. I signed with her in September, and within six months we'd worked through an extensive wave of revisions and received an offer from the perfect publisher for my book. As an agent, Adria is highly communicative, detail-oriented, and approachable. My book is stronger because of her feedback, and I stand on a stronger platform as a debut author because of her guidance and support. She has been and continues to be the perfect champion for my book—any writer would be fortunate to have her fighting in their corner. “


- Naomi Stephens, Author of Shadow Among Sheaves, 2019 (Barbour Books) 

“It may be cheesy and overly sentimental but it's true, so I'll just say it: Landing Adria Goetz was an answer to prayer. After nearly a year of searching (and praying!) for an agent who could represent my kidlit for both Christian and "secular" audiences, a simple retweet brought her into my orbit. I knew Adria was the agent for me the moment I read of her love of all things creepy. Our first phone call cemented it for me. I found Adria to be delightful, warm, professional, encouraging, with a willingness to say the hard things. Everything you want in an agent! And working with Adria has not disappointed. Adria has been invaluable in offering editorial feedback and encouragement, in prioritizing projects, and in landing some killer deals. I'm so thrilled to be working with Adria and part of Martin Literary.”  


- Caryn Rivadeneira, author of Gritty and Graceful (Beaming Books, 2019) and the Helper          Hounds series (Red Chair Press). 

“Adria is the shining star sent to me in response to my prayers. I couldn't have asked for more of a brilliant, kind and professional agent to walk by my side in this amazing journey. Thanks to her talent and expertise, she has turned my dream into reality in less than six months. From transparency to honesty, to the care she's investing in my work, she is truly an amazing human being. I look forward to many more years together.”


- Valeria Wicker, Author of The Ugly Doodles, 2020 (JIMMY Patterson Books)

“Adria Goetz has been instrumental not just in selling my book, but in making it the best book it can be. Her care and support are invaluable all throughout the writing and submission process. She kept me updated, explained the process, and always checked in to make sure I was feeling good. Submission could have been one of the most nerve-racking periods of my life, but Adria made sure that I knew rejections were expected for all kinds of reasons, many - most! - of them unrelated to me secretly being a terrible writer with no business trying to publish. I’m eternally grateful for her support, especially because she managed to make this first-time author feel like she actually had something to say.”


- Melissa Brinks, Author of The Compendium of Magical Beasts, 2018 (Running Press)

“In addition to being an incredible joy, Sharlene's passion, zest and gusto make her a tour de force. I have Sharlene to thank for helping to create the true crime TV series, Deadly Sins. Sharlene's comprehensive understanding, extensive contacts and the respect she commands within the true crime world has opened doors for us to tell some of the best true crime stories out there.” 


- Van King, Series Producer/Showrunner for "Deadly Sins" television series 


“If you’re looking for a literary agent, you really can’t do better than Adria Goetz. She knows how to land and negotiate a deal, she’s a fantastic developmental editor, and she’s a passionate champion of books that matter. A couple years ago at a conference, a veteran agent warned me that everything in this industry takes time. Well, in less than six months after signing with her, Adria walked me through two rounds of edits, got my book in the hands of a great list of editors, and, thanks in large part to the book proposal she put together, landed me offers from three different publishers, including the fantastic three book (three book!) deal that we ended up accepting. Adria is truly a force of nature.”


- Jon Etter, Author of the Those Dreadful Fairy Books series (Amberjack)