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Carolyn Porter

Stolen during a robbery in his house in Bercheres-la-Maingot, Marcel Heuzé's letters were found in the United States. They even inspired a writing font.

Of their grandfather, she could have known only the character "a little rough" and reserved, but also the fact that he "could not stand that one does not finish his plate". Thanks to an extraordinary combination of circumstances, Agnès Boucon and Nadine Dubois discovered another man: "Today, we are proud of him. He has regained his honor. "

Like many, Marcel Heuzé never spoke to his children and grandchildren about his life during the Second World War. Even less of the STO (compulsory labor service) that took him to Germany. "He just told us that he had sabotaged the Daimler factory where he worked and the prison. "

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