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Rebekah Gregory

At the request of the FBI, Rebekah Gregory, who lost her leg in the Boston Marathon bombing, gave a victim/impact statement at the trial of the youngest brother who set off the bombs.

"I looked the bomber in the eye. He never once looked at me. I wanted him to know not what he had taken from me, but everything he had given me. I'm still walking," Gregory said.

"I stood up to give my victim/impact statement. In order to give a victim/impact statement, I would have to be someone's victim," she said in the courtroom. Looking at the terrorist, Gregory told him, "I'm definitely not your victim and definitely not your brother's." She also told the defiant brother who reportedly continued to praise Allah in his statement, "No one will remember you or your brother's name. The good will always prevail."

Gregory Tells Her Story of That `Horrific Day' CLICK FOR MORE

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