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Jack Andraka

SEATTLE, Sept. 8, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Former President Barack Obama will join Bill and Melinda Gates, co-chairs of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, at the inaugural Goalkeepers Event on Sept. 20 in New York City to celebrate progress toward eliminating disease and poverty around the world, and inspire a new generation of advocates to work on behalf of these causes.

Goalkeepers will bring together a new generation of influencers and leaders from all corners of the world—from the Democratic Republic of Congo to Afghanistan, from Canada to China—who will discuss and devise innovative solutions to achieve the Global Goals. Confirmed participants in Goalkeepers 2017 so far include Amani Al-Khatahtbeh, founder and editor in chief of; Jack Andraka, inventor, scientist and global health researcher; CLICK FOR MORE

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