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Clelia Gore

PW Star Watch 2017 Honorees

After earning her law degree at American University, Gore joined a New York firm, primarily representing indigent clients in federal criminal proceedings.

When she joined Martin Literary Management in 2013, she brought the same tenacity, passion, and sensitivity that she exhibited as a lawyer to her new role as a literary agent in the children’s book world.Among the authors she represents are Leah Henderson, author of the recently published One Shadow on the Wall, a middle grade novel about an orphaned boy in contemporary Senegal who must decide between doing what is right and what is easy, and Kory Merritt, the illustrator of the Poptropica series.

Following the recent “Muslim ban,” Gore and another agent joined forces to create an open call for writers of Muslim heritage to query a long list of agents, opening an opportunity for voices of underrepresented ethnicities to be heard. Her bold endeavor garnered press attention that prompted more agents to jump on the local high school.

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