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Lulu Cerone

Q) You were inspired to help others on a global level when devastating earthquakes hit Haiti in 2010. You were only ten-years-old. Most ten-year-olds are concerned about their toys, their shows, etc. How did the earthquakes come to your attention? Did you see it on the news, or did your parents tell you about it? Why did you feel such a desire to help people you didn’t even know?

A) My parents didn’t let me watch the news when I was ten years old. But in this digital age, it’s impossible to shield kids from anything! So, despite their best efforts, I went online and saw some terrifying images. I live in LA where earthquakes are a real threat. My mind went to a terrified place because I could imagine my world crumbling just as it had for the people in Haiti. But because I had already spent my childhood selling lemonade for local charities, my impulse was to take action instead of letting my fear and sadness take over. CLICK FOR MORE

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