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Lulu Cerone

I’ve come of age in a time when injustice is ubiquitous. I mean, the same injustices have pretty much always been there, but it used to be so much easier to live in a state of ignorance. My generation, however, has never had the ability to pretend like everything is okay — because we’ve never known life without the internet. For our whole lives, our social media feeds and news notifications have granted blinding visibility to the terrors of the world around us.

The upside of this is that more and more young people are publicly expressing their opinions and finding value in their voices. And with our current administration, there has been even more of an urgency to speak out, push back, and stand up for our rights. It's no surprise that we're in a new wave of activism; you can feel it by simply scrolling through your feeds. But how do we go beyond sharing Facebook posts? How do we take tangible action against these issues? CLICK FOR MORE

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