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Hilde Kate Lysiak

If you’re going to underestimate 10-year-old journalist Hilde, she has some advice for you: “Go ahead, but do it at your own risk.” Three years ago, the burgeoning reporter started The Orange Street News — “The ONLY newspaper devoted to Selinsgrove — in her hometown in Pennsylvania. She regularly scoops larger local outlets by breaking major stories, including a murder last year, a recent scandal at the fire department and the emergence of a drug epidemic at the high school. Her journalistic prowess even earned her an interview with Malala in July 2016. She asked Malala how she finds the courage to speak out for girls’ education and why so many people overlook the potential of girls. Hilde said the interview “changed her life.” She hopes to be like Malala and use her story to “inspire other girls to just stand up and be themselves.”

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