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Lulu Cerone

When Lulu Cerone was just 10, she exhibited signs of empathy. The Encino resident started selling lemonade and giving the proceeds to nonprofits aimed at providing clean drinking water in Africa. Inspired, she set up a challenge for her fifth-grade class and raised $4,000. That led to her founding LemonAID Warriors, and seven years later the nonprofit has raised more than $100,000. Part of the 18-year-old’s mission has always been to encourage social activism among children.

She hopes her new book, PhilanthropParties, published by Simon & Schuster, will be one of those tools. The vibrant book is a photo-packed, month-by-month, philanthropic party-planning guide, complete with recipes, activities and DIY crafts. “I hope to attract kids who would never buy an activism book but might be attracted to the fun crafts, recipes and party ideas,” she explains.

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