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Rebekah Gregory

Rebekah Gregory calls April 15, 2013, when she and her son Noah were just three feet away from the first bomb to detonate at the Boston Marathon finish line "the best and and worst day of my life."

"I'm still here to tell my story, which is incredible. Before that, I kind of took my life for granted," Gregory said during a phone interview Friday afternoon. "For 26 years, I expected to get out of bed and put my feet on the ground. ... I was a single mom and you just kind of survive your day. It wasn't until my life came to a complete halt that I realized everything that I didn't truly appreciate. I started truly living every moment is precious I enjoy life as much as I can."

The public is invited to hear Gregory tell her story of trauma and embracing life during a free presentation of "The Best and Worst Day of My Life," at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Cameron University's McCasland Ballroom in the McMahon Centennial Complex. CLICK FOR MORE

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