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Matthew Lysiak

"Choosing to go with MLM has been one of the best decisions of my life. Literally. Yes, Sharlene and Clelia are brilliant, know all the right people, and are tenacious, but what really sets them apart are the personal relationships they form with their clients. In making the transition from newspapers to books, Sharlene and Clelia have taken the time to carefully walk me through every step of the process. Whether it is by answering emails, picking up the phone for late night conversations, or sending flowers at the birth of my child, MLM has always been there for me.I can’t testify enough on behalf of MLM. If you have the opportunity to work with Sharlene and Clelia, take it!"

- Matthew Lysiak, author of BREAKTHROUGH: HOW ONE TEEN INNOVATOR IS CHANGING THE WORLD (HarperCollins Children's, March 2015), and NEWTOWN: AN AMERICAN TRAGEDY (Simon & Schuster, Dec 2013)

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