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Amanda Lamb

"I can't say enough about what Sharlene Martin has meant to me professionally and personally. In a little over two years Sharlene has been able to sell four of my books, exceeding all of my expectations and helping me to fulfill my dream of becoming a working author. Not only is Sharlene a constant cheerleader and source of support for my efforts, but she is a tenacious businesswoman who always has her clients' best interests at heart and is willing to go to bat for them. She is also someone with a keen understanding of the marketplace who will give you honest feedback about what she thinks will sell, and as hard as it is sometimes to hear, what will not sell. I appreciate her candor and her hard work on my behalf."

--Amanda Lamb, Author of Berkley Books Deadly Dose, Evil Eyes, The Nancy Cooper Story, and Smotherhood (Skirt!/Globe Pequot)

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