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"Publish Your Nonfiction Book" goes beyond query letter and proposal basics to give readers a broader insider understanding of what the publishing industry is really like and how to navigate it successfully in order to ensure a long-term career. 

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"For every aspiring writer--even for authors with a book under their belt-- Publish Your Nonfiction Book will prove an essential guide through the entire publishing process. Sharlene Martin and Anthony Flacco cover all the bases--sizing up today's media landscape, how to write and submit the best queries; and dissecting book proposals that publishers acquired, and why. I have published many books on books, and this is one of the most useful handbooks I've ever seen. I will recommend it to all my authors."

Philip Turner, Philip Turner Book Productions

"PUBLISH YOUR NONFICTION BOOK is practical, straight-forward, helpful, and tells the truth about publishing! This is the perfect guide to go from dream to reality on your publishing journey. Highly recommended."

~Joel Fotinos, Vice-President & Editorial Director, St. Martin's Essentials

"Anyone who has ever dreamed of writing a book must read this book first. A rare blend of publishing wisdom psychotherapeutic sensitivity, it leads you through todays realities without bursting your bubble. It's as essential as a dictionary for everyone, from wanna-be-writer to the bestselling author!"

~Carole Lieberman, M.D., Media Psychiatrist and Bestselling Author

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