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Lindsay Guzzardo, Senior Literary Manager 
​handles Adult Fiction.​


She will consider any adult fiction with a clear, marketable, compelling hook, and strong voice. Her personal tastes align with the following wish list, but she would never shut herself off to The Next Big Thing!

Lindsay is also interested in working with proven genre writers (i.e. previously published, award-winning/nominated, placement in contests, strong platform, etc.) from the elevator pitch onward. Bring her your pitches and she will help direct you which one to pursue, or she can provide you with one to flesh out into a proposal.

She has an immediate need for:
  Fiction that elevates diverse/marginalized voices
  WWII-era fiction
  Retellings of classic stories
(either modern retellings or classic stories told from a different character’s perspective)
  Beach reads
  Fiction exploring family dynamics and relationships (particularly mothers/daughters and sisters)
  Amish romance/fiction
  Cozy, charming, small-town romance/fiction

She also loves:
  Rich, evocative historical fiction
  Fiction featuring historical figures
  European-set fiction, any era and tone
  Dark psychological and domestic suspense
  Family dramas that interweave past and present
  Gorgeous, lyrical literary fiction
  Wholesome, clean fiction and romance

Please submit to Lindsay via Query Manager: Query Submission (

Follow her on Twitter: @LindsayGuzzardo

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