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Nicole Weisensee Egan

Smiley Face Killers Update:

In the first hour, reporter Nicole Weisensee Egan provided an update on the Smiley Face Killers (Related Article). According to investigators, the Killers are an organized group of semi-autonomous cells in cities across America that target specific types of people to murder by drowning. They communicate on the dark web and leave behind a smiley face or other gang symbol at the crime scene, she explained.

A cursory investigation by the FBI concluded the majority of cases appeared to be accidental drownings, Egan reported, noting the agency likely did not wish to contradict local law enforcement. "What better way to disguise a murder than a drowning," she said. Egan revealed some bizarre details about these cases, including a victim found dead standing upright in the water, another who phoned a friend about being pursued by people he did not know, and the first victim, 21-year-old Patrick McNeill, who witnesses claimed was being followed by a car after leaving a bar on the night of his murder.

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