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Lulu Cerone

Over the past seven years, 17-year-old Lulu Cerone has helped over 4.2 million (!!) people through her philanthropy work while also finding fun ways to continue making changes to the world. After the tragic Haiti earthquake in 2010, Lulu wanted to help those in need and decided to start a lemonade stand war with her 5th grade class. Two weeks and $4,000 later, Lulu created her organization LemonAID Warriors.

She didn't stop there. Lulu has become known for her "PhilanthroParties" where friends would get together and hang out while also helping others. And now she wants to help you do the same! Lulu's book PhilanthroParties will be out next month and has all the tips you need to throw your own PhilanthroParties. We chatted with the do-gooder below for a sneak peek... CLICK FOR MORE

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