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Rick Lewis, Literary Manager 
Rick Lewis represents speculative fiction (SFFH) authors.

Rick is looking for character-driven stories with genuine emotion and meaning struggles. And maybe a dragon or a spaceship, too. But mostly the genuine and meaningful stuff. He wants you to take him on a journey to a highly imaginative new world that illuminates our own in some significant way.

He is open to queries for Adult and Young Adult novels, as well as graphic novels. 

He’s most interested in:
-          Epic Fantasy & Space Opera (Classic empire-spanning stuff!)
-          Dark Fantasy & Gothic Horror 
-          Contemporary Fantasy (Especially portal/hidden worlds)
-          Post-Apocalyptic
-          Paranormal Horror 
-          Magical Realism

He also loves:
-          #OwnVoices
-          Stories that celebrate diversity and inclusion
-          Miraculous technology gone too far
-          Fairytale retellings

He’s very skeptical of vampire and superhero novels, but maybe you can win him over? But he’s not at all interested in cocky, wise-cracking YA protagonists who are cynical and world-weary by the age of 18. 

All queries must be submitted through Query Manager.  

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