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Mara Cobb- Junior Literary Manager
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Mara accepts queries via Query Manager. Please submit here:

Mara is currently seeking Adult Nonfiction, Women's Driven Fiction, Christian Fiction, Christian Romance, and Christian YA.

-Adult Nonfiction. Mara is seeking books that fit within the following areas: 

History and Current Affairs
Narrative Nonfiction


-Women's Driven Fiction. Mara is looking for books filled with adventure, surprises, and unique family/friend plots. She is okay with romance subplots as long as it does not overpower the story arc. Mara is particularly interested in books that feature protagonists in their 20s. She is not a good fit for books with excessive language or open-door romance.


-Christian Fiction. Mara is seeking books filled with adventure, hope, redemption, and unique family/friend plots. Unusual settings and young protagonists are a bonus. She is not looking for perfect protagonists or "preachy" content, but rather Christian elements that are presented in natural, authentic ways.

-Christian Romance. Mara is looking for books that balance the Christian and romance elements. She enjoys enemies-to-friends-to-lovers stories, especially when those stories are written in a unique way. Interesting subplots are always a plus.

-Christian YA. Mara prefers characters who have authentic struggles and challenges while ultimately accepting God's grace. The Christian YA books that she is especially seeking are those that are relatable to today's Christian teen. She is open to seeing unique subgenres.

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