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Delia Berrigan Fakis, Senior Literary Manager, Emeritus 
Delia is currently closed to submissions.

Delia is most interested in representing Adult Nonfiction in the areas of:

  Thought Leadership
  True Crime
  Narrative Nonfiction
  History and Current Affairs
  Religion and Spirituality

Delia wants to hear from subject matter experts, leaders, and underrepresented voices. If you have a distinct voice, a handle of the craft, and something unique to share with the world, send her a query. Please do not include your manuscript or proposal in your nonfiction query. Delia will request those items from you if she is interested.  

Other areas of interest include literary and commercial fiction, mysteries, young adult, and children’s picture books. Delia is particularly drawn to up-market women’s fiction, cozy mysteries, writers of color, stories that explore both universal and uncomfortable truths, and joy. Please do not include your manuscript, bio, or synopsis in your fiction queries. Delia will request those items from you if she is interested. 

Queries should be sent to

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